Accepted Papers

Full papers

  • Fabian Trautsch and Jens Grabowski.
    Are there any Unit Tests? An Empirical Study on Unit Testing in Open Source Python Projects
  • Kristoffer Kleine and Dimitris E. Simos.
    Coveringcerts: Combinatorial Methods for X.509 Certificate Testing
  • Rahul Gopinath, Carlos Jensen and Alex Groce.
    The Theory of Composite Faults
  • Jun-Wei Lin, Farn Wang and Paul Chu.
    Using Semantic Similarity in Crawling-based Web Application Testing
  • Eunjin Jeong, Namgoo Lee, Duseok Kang, Jinhan Kim and Soonhoi Ha.
    FIFA: A Kernel-Level Fault Injection Framework for ARM-based Embedded Linux System
  • Bernhard K. Aichernig and Richard Schumi.
    Statistical Model Checking Meets Property-Based Testing
  • Martin Tappler, Bernhard K. Aichernig and Roderick Bloem.
    Model-Based Testing IoT Communication via Active Automata Learning
  • Gregory Gay.
    The Fitness Function for the Job: Search-Based Generation of Test Suites that Detect Real Faults
  • Sadeeq Jan, Cu Nguyen, Andrea Arcuri and Lionel Briand.
    A Search-based Testing Approach for XML Injection Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
  • Augusto Born de Oliveira, Sebastian Fischmeister, Amer Diwan, Matthias Hauswirth and Peter F. Sweeney.
    Perphecy: Performance Regression Test Selection Made Simple but Effective
  • Chunhui Wang, Fabrizio Pastore and Lionel Briand.
    System Testing of Timing Requirements based on Use Cases and Timed Automata
  • Cyrille Valentin Artho, Quentin Gros, Guillaume Rousset, Kazuaki Banzai, Lei Ma, Takashi Kitamura, Masami Hagiya, Yoshinori Tanabe and Mitsuharu Yamamoto.
    Model-based API Testing of Apache ZooKeeper
  • Kasper Luckow, Rody Kersten and Corina Pasareanu.
    Symbolic Complexity Analysis using Context-preserving Histories
  • Xiaodong Zhang, Zijiang Yang, Qinghua Zheng, Pei Liu, Jialiang Chang, Yu Hao and Ting Liu.
    Automated Testing of Definition-Use Data Flow for Multi-Threaded Programs
  • Abraham Chan, Stefan Winter, Habib Saissi, Karthik Pattabiraman and Neeraj Suri.
    Error Propagation Analysis of Multi-Threaded Programs Using Likely Invariants
  • Amin Milani Fard and Ali Mesbah.
    JavaScript: The (Un)covered Parts
  • Zhiyuan Wan, David Lo, Xin Xia, Liang Cai and Shanping Li.
    Mining Sandboxes for Linux Containers
  • Ibrahim Alagöz, Thomas Herpel and Reinhard German.
    A Selection Method for Black Box Regression Testing with a Statistically Defined Quality Level
  • Fabrizio Pastore, Micucci Daniela and Leonardo Mariani.
    Timed k-Tail: Dynamic Inference of Timed Automata
  • Zheng Cheng and Massimo Tisi.
    Incremental Deductive Verification for Relational Model Transformations
  • Dipesh Pradhan, Shuai Wang, Shaukat Ali, Tao Yue and Marius Liaaen.
    CBGA-ES: A Cluster-Based Genetic Algorithm with Elitist Selection for Supporting Multi-objective Test Optimization
  • Armstrong Tita Foundjem, Foutse Khomh and Bram Adams.
    Broadcast vs. Unicast Review Technology: Does it Matter?
  • Yun Guo, Amihai Motro and Nan Li.
    Localizing Faults in SQL Predicates
  • Hayes Converse, Oswaldo Olivo and Sarfraz Khurshid.
    Non-Semantics-Preserving Transformations For High-Coverage Test Generation Using Symbolic Execution
  • Ricardo Dias, Carla Ferreira, Jan Fiedor, João Lourenço, Ales Smrcka, Diogo G. Sousa and Tomas Vojnar.
    Verifying Concurrent Programs using Contracts
  • Alexandre Perez, Rui Abreu and Marcelo d'Amorim.
    Prevalence of Single-Fault Fixes and its Impact on Fault Localization
  • Sultan Alqahtani, Ellis E. Eghan and Juergen Rilling.
    Recovering Semantic Traceability Links between APIs and Security Vulnerabilities: An Ontological Modeling Approach
  • Neil Walkinshaw and Gordon Fraser.
    Uncertainty-Driven Black-Box Test Data Generation
  • Qianqian Wang, Yuriy Brun and Alessandro Orso.
    Behavioral Execution Comparison: Are Tests Representative of Field Behavior?
  • Andrea Arcuri, Gordon Fraser and René Just.
    Private API Access and Functional Mocking in Automated Unit Test Generation
  • Mattia Fazzini, Eduardo Noronha De A. Freitas, Shauvik Roy Choudhary and Alessandro Orso.
    Barista: A Technique for Recording, Encoding, and Running Platform Independent Android Tests
  • Alex Gyori, Pranav Garg, Edgar Pek and P. Madhusudan.
    Efficient Incrementalized Runtime Checking of Linear Measures on Lists
  • Allison Sullivan, Kaiyuan Wang, Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem and Sarfraz Khurshid.
    Automated Testing of Alloy Models
  • Xiao Li, Nana Chang, Yan Wang, Haohua Huang, Yu Pei, Linzhang Wang and Xuandong Li.
    ATOM: Automatic Maintenance of GUI Test Scripts for Evolving Mobile Applications
  • Simon Poulding and Robert Feldt.
    Automated Random Testing in Multiple Dispatch Languages
  • Jing Xu, Yu Lei and Richard Carver.
    Using Delta Debugging to Minimize Stress Tests for Concurrent Data Structures

Short papers

  • Eduard Enoiu, Daniel Sundmark, Adnan Causevic and Paul Pettersson.
    A Comparative Study of Manual and Automated Testing for Industrial Control Software
  • Matthew Patrick and Ruairi Donnelly.
    A Toolkit for Testing Stochastic Simulations against Statistical Oracles
  • Xavier Devroey, Gilles Perrouin, Mike Papadakis, Axel Legay, Pierre-Yves Schobbens and Patrick Heymans.
    Automata Language Equivalence vs. Simulations for Model-based Mutant Equivalence: An Empirical Evaluation
  • Michael Marcozzi, Mickael Delahaye, Sebastien Bardin, Nikolay Kosmatov and Virgile Prevosto. Generic and Effective
    Specification of Structural Test Objectives
  • Thomas Laurent, Mike Papadakis, Marinos Kintis, Christopher Henard, Yves Le Traon and Anthony Ventresque.
    Assessing and Improving the Mutation Testing Practice of PIT
  • Alessio Gambi, Alessandra Gorla and Andreas Zeller.
    O!Snap: Cost-Efficient Testing in the Cloud
  • Reed Milewicz and Peter Pirkelbauer.
    Ariadne: Hybridizing Directed Model Checking and Static Analysis
  • Junjie Chen, Yanwei Bai, Dan Hao, Lingming Zhang, Lu Zhang and Bing Xie.
    How Do Assertions Impact Coverage-based Test-Suite Reduction?
  • Daniel Fowler, Madeline Cheah, Jeremy Bryans and Siraj Shaikh
    Towards A Testbed for Automotive Cybersecurity
  • Rudolf Ramler and Robert Hoschek
    How to Test in Sixteen Languages? Automation Support for Localization Testing
  • Abdullah Al-Nayeem, Krzystof Ostrowski, Sebastian Pueblas, Christophe Restif and Sai Zhang
    Information Needs for Validating Evolving Software Systems - An Exploratory Study at Google
  • Lynnie Nakyanzi Gwosuta, Rashid Darwish and Richard Torkar
    A Controlled Experiment on Coverage Maximization of Automated Model-Based Software Test Cases in the Automotive Industry
  • Yilin Yang, Xinhai Huang, Xuefei Hao and Zhenyu Chen
    An Empirical Study of Natural Language Processing Based Test Prioritization
  • Anurag Dwarakanath, Dipin Era, Aditya Priyadarshi, Neville Dubash and Sanjay Podder
    Accelerating Test Automation through a Domain Specific Language
  • Priyanka Darke, Bharti Chimdyalwar, Avriti Chauhan and R. Venkatesh
    Efficient Safety Proofs for Industry-Scale Code using Abstractions and Bounded Model Checking
  • Paolo Arcaini, Angelo Gargantini and Elvinia Riccobene
    NuSeen: a tool framework for the NuSMV model checker
  • Benjamin Holland, Ganesh Ram Santhanam and Suresh Kothari
    Transferring State-of-the-art Immutability Analyses: Experimentation Toolbox and Accuracy Benchmark
  • Junjie Tang, Xingmin Cui, Ziming Zhao, Shanqing Guo, Xinshun Xu, Chengyu Hu, Tao Ban and Bing Mao
    NIVAnalyzer: a Tool for Automatically Detecting and Verifying Next-Intent Vulnerabilities in Android Apps
  • Michaël Marcozzi, Sébastien Bardin, Mickaël Delahaye, Nikolai Kosmatov and Virgile Prevosto
    Taming Coverage Criteria Heterogeneity with LTest
  • Hiroshi Ukai and Xiao Qu
    Test Design as Code: JCUnit
  • Daniel Flemström, Thomas Gustafsson and Avenir Kobetski
    SAGA toolbox: Interactive Testing of Guarded Assertions
  • Dusica Marijan, Marius Liaaen, Arnaud Gotlieb, Sagar Sen and Carlo Ieva
    TITAN: Test Suite Optimization for Highly Configurable Software
  • Haiyang Sun, Andrea Rosà, Omar Javed and Walter Binder
    ADRENALIN-RV: Android Runtime Verification using Load-time Weaving
  • Fu-Hung Yen, Ming-Da Ho, Shao-Chieh Lien and Walter Chen
    Non-intrusive performance measurement framework for desktop apps
  • Xinxin Zhuo, Xiaoying Bai, Jing Xu, Wenli Song, Yu Liu, Jiehui Kang and Enpeng Li
    APITester: API Testing Based on Interface Semantic Contract
  • Dipin Era, Catherine Moolayil, Anurag Dwarakanath, Neville Dubash and Sanjay Podder
    Accelerating Test Automation using a Domain Specific Language: Tool Demo
  • Jordi Carres, Nan Li and Charles Abbott
    Roper: An Enterprise-level invariant-based testing tool for websites
  • Hiroshi Ukai and Xiao Qu
    Test Design as Code: JCUnit
  • Haiyang Sun, Andrea Rosà and Walter Binder
    ADRENALIN-RV: Android Runtime Verification using Load-time Weaving
  • Thomas D White, José Miguel Rojas and Gordon Fraser
    Code Defenders: A Mutation Testing Game (DEMO)
  • Kueichun Liu, Yu-Yu Lai and Ching-Hong Wu.
    A Mechanism of Reliable and Standalone Script Generator on Android.
  • Emily Law.
    EarthCube Software Testing and Assessement Framework.
  • Laurent Rioux, Rafik Henia and Nicolas Sordon.
    Using Model-Checking for Timing Verification in Industrial System Design.
  • Mojdeh Golagha and Alexander Pretschner.
    Challenges of Operationalizing Spectrum-Based Fault Localization from a Data-Centric Perspective.
  • Thomas Laurent, Laura Guillot, Motomichi Toyama, Ross Smith, Dan Bean and Anthony Ventresque.
    Towards a Gamified Equivalent Mutants Detection Platform.
  • Junyi Wang, Xiaoying Bai, Haoran Ma, Linyi Li and Zhicheng Ji.
    Cloud API Testing.
  • Keisuke Watanabe, Takuya Fukamachi, Naoyasu Ubayashi and Yasutaka Kamei.
    Automated A/B Testing with Declarative Variability Expressions.
  • Eun-Hye Choi, Tsuyoshi Fujiwara and Osamu Mizuno.
    Weighting for Combinatorial Testing by Bayesian Inference.
  • Jianyi Zhou and Dan Hao.
    Impact of Static and Dynamic Coverage on Test-Case Prioritization: An Empirical Study.
  • Alexandre Langeois, Anthony Ventresque and Eduardo Cunha de Almeida.
    BDTest, a System to Test Big Data Frameworks.
  • Rudolf Ramler and Thomas Ziebermayr.
    What You See Is What You Test - Augmenting Software Testing with Computer Vision.
  • Filip Cuckov, Grant Rudd and Liam Daly.
    Framework for Model-Based Design and Verification of Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems.
  • Ryusei Mori and Masaki Nakamura.
    Automated test case generation from OTS/CafeOBJ specifications by specification translation.