Conference Venue

The 10th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing conference (ICST2017) will be held at Waseda University, Nishiwaseda Campus.
Building 63 is the main venue. The following are the access map to the venue.

ACCESS to the Nishiwaseda Campus

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Nishiwaseda Campus (Building 63 is the main venue.)

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If you are getting off at Nishi-waseda station, leave from Exit 3 (and NOT from Exit 1 or 2). This exit will take you directly to the campus where ICST will be held. The ticket barrier to Exit 3 is at the end of the platform near Shibuya. If you go to the other end, you will be leaving the station through Exit 1 or 2 from where you will need to walk a few minutes.

More information on access :



From Haneda Airportgoogle map

  • From Haneda Airport
    Shinjuku area 30min 8,000 yen
    (Waseda University Nishi-Waseda campus next to Toyama park.)

From Narita Airportgoogle map

  • From Narita Airport
    Shinjuku area 60min 20,000 yen
    (Waseda University Nishi-Waseda campus next to Toyama park.)

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Booking information from reservation site Convenient hotels are near "Nishi Waseda Station," "Takadanobaba Station," "Shinjuku Station" and "Higashi Shinjuku Station."

Visa Letter

Please consult with your nearest Japanese embassy/consulate or your travel agency for the visa and entry requirements.
Our visa support letters can be requested during the registration process and will be issued to those who have finished the registration process and paid their fees.
The acceptance of Visa document request has been closed.

Traveller Info

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    Only shinkansen tickets can be purchased with a credit card.

Universal Coordinated Time (=GMT) by 9 hours (UTC+9, JST)
The power supply is 100 volts and 50 Hertz. Plugs should have two flatpins(it is compatible with the 2-pins plugs in USA).
Tipping is not a part of Japanese culture. However, it is common for restaurants and bars to have a table charge (500 – 1000 yen per person).